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Why pay for demo challenges when you could get instant funding?

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At FX Expert Funded, we know that most traders have several challenges to overcome: getting financial backing and successfully managing risk…

That’s why we wanted to make our funding for traders as simple – and risk-free – as possible. We provide fully-funded forex accounts and remove personal loss liability to reduce risk.

Low Risk Account

Account Size%$25000 $50000
 Withdrawal Target5%$1250 $2500
Maximum Lots 0.50-0.701.00-1.50
Maximum Loss10%$2500$5000
Account Growth10%Xup to 1 Million
 Trading Hours 

6am – 9pm

24 Hours

Profit Share50%50/5050/50
 Trading Loss Liability 

Zero loss liability

Zero loss liability

 Withdrawal Schedule WeeklyWeekly
 Trading Platform CTraderCTrader
 Trading Products 29 Pairs29 Pairs
Account Growth Xup to 1 Million
 Overnight Position 



 Monthly Fee 

$250 Pay Now

$500 Pay Now


Monthly subscription fee and a 50% PROFIT SHARE

Start trading with a REAL ACCOUNT that has $50k USD and scale it up to $1 Million.

FX Expert Forex Funding Program, we have a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders. We have always considered ourselves to be at the cutting edge of our industry, and we trade on all major asset classes on multiple exchanges with our own capital. By becoming a member of the team, you become a part of our success.

You believe that you are an excellent trader, but you lack the funds or simply do not want to risk own funds, so here we fund traders. This is no problem at all as we are looking for highly talented traders, and we will give you an account with $50,000 to use in a REAL trading environment. We will cover the losses and share the profit with you. Trading with us means you will never risk any of your own money and you will not be liable for any losses either. 


So you can keep 50% profit while we will take 50% profit share. We cover losses! 



We offer weekly payouts for our traders. Requests made on or before Thursday of the week will be paid out on Friday of the same week.
Depending on what payout method you choose, some payout methods may take 3-10 working days to reach your account.


Prove us your talent. Prove that you can make profit from trading. Demonstrate to us that you have a winning strategy. Show us that you can manage risk. Earn a forex funded trading account! We will provide you with an account in a real trading environment (from one of our partner brokers) in which you will trade. Show us that you are able to trade, and if you successfully become one of our funded traders, we will double your account from the following month. There are only a few simple rules that you need to follow.

Here are the rules you need to follow:

You will receive an account with $25,000 and $50,000 in a real trading environment to start with.

5% profit target needs to withdrawals.

Trade any forex pair that you like.

For the 25k account, our trading hours correspond to the London and New York market sessions Monday – Friday 6 am to 9 pm UK time. For the 50k account, traders are able to trade 24 hours Monday-Friday

10% maximum Draw Down. Draw Down should not exceed $2500 and $5000

You can keep open trades overnight.

Hit 10% profit above your original balance at each stage. You will be trading a 1 million dollar account in 4 steps. The 10% must remain in the account to move on to each stage.

Hedging is not allowed.

Weekend Holding is not allowed

EA and Copy trading is not allowed.

Why trade alone? Benefit from trader support, risk management, and a knowledgeable trading community right behind you when you need it most.

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