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Account Size (USD)Maximum DrawdownDaily Loss Limit Minimum Period (Days)

Profit Target Phase I

Allowed to Trade NewsTrading Platforms

Profit Target Phase II

Profit Share  Challenge PhaseRisk SplitTradable Instruments
25,00012%No 58%YesMT4, MT55%10%80/20 (up to 90/10)Commodities, Forex, Indices & Stocks
50,00012%No 58% YesMT4, MT55%10%80/20 (up to 90/10)Commodities, Forex, Indices & Stocks
100,00012%No 58% YesMT4, MT55%10%80/20 (up to 90/10)Commodities, Forex, Indices & Stocks
200,00012%No 58% YesMT4, MT55%10%80/20 (up to 90/10)

Commodities, Forex, Indices & Stocks

FX Expert Funded Challenge Account Rules

The FX Expert Funded Challenge Account provides a platform for skilled foreign exchange traders to demonstrate their expertise. Below are the detailed rules and parameters for the challenge:

Profit Targets:

  1. First Profit Target: Participants are required to achieve an 8% profit on their initial investment.
  2. Second Profit Target: Upon reaching the first target, participants must strive for an additional 5% profit.

Drawdown Parameters:

  1. Overall Drawdown: Participants must ensure that their overall drawdown does not exceed 12% of the initial investment.
  2. Daily Drawdown: Strictly no drawdown is allowed on a daily basis.

Minimum and Maximum Trading Days:

  1. For both the first and second profit targets, participants must engage in a minimum of 5 trading days.
  2. The maximum trading period for the first target is 35 days, while for the second target it is 60 days.

Acceptance of Automated Tools and Positions: Participants are allowed to use Expert Advisors (EAs), signals, and hold overnight and weekend positions.

Trading Platforms: The challenge is conducted on the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Trading Restrictions: There are no specific trading restrictions imposed on the participants.

Profit Sharing Policy: During the evaluation phase, a 10% profit split is allocated. Upon successful evaluation, the profit split for the funded account is set at 80%, with the potential to increase up to 90%.

Tradable Instruments: Participants are free to trade all available instruments within the market.

Guaranteed Funding: A guaranteed funding of 10 million units is allocated to successful participants.

Withdrawal Policy: On the real account, participants are eligible to withdraw up to 5% of the profits on a monthly basis.

The FX Expert Funded Challenge Account is designed to foster a competitive environment for experienced forex traders, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise. It aims to reward successful traders with significant funding and profit-sharing opportunities, thereby encouraging continued excellence in the field of foreign exchange trading.

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