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FX Expert Funded Challenge Account Rules

1. Eligibility:

  • Traders of all experience levels can participate.
  • Minimum age requirement: 18 years.
  • Three challenge account per trader.

2. Registration:

  • Traders must register on the platform’s website.
  • Personal, trading history, and contact details are required.

3. Challenge Account Setup:

  • Traders receive a demo trading account with a predetermined starting balance.
  • Leverage is fixed at 1:100.
  • Markets: Forex majors and minors.

4. Trading Period:

  • Fixed trading period: 30 days.
  • Withdrawals can only occur after this period.

5. Risk Management:

  • Maximum Drawdown: 8% of the starting balance.
  • Daily Drawdown: Not allowed to exceed 5% of the starting balance.
  • Positional Drawdown: Not allowed to exceed 1% on the real account.

6. Profit Targets:

  • Phase 1: Profit target of 8% of the starting balance.
  • Phase 2: Profit target of 5% of the starting balance.
  • Traders must achieve either target to be eligible for funding.

7. Trading Requirements:

  • Minimum Trading Days: 5 days within the trading period.
  • Mandatory Stop Loss: Required on the real account.
  • News Trading: Permitted.
  • EA, Bots, Scripts: Allowed.

8. Withdrawal and Profit Share:

  • Profit Target for Withdrawal: 1% of the account balance.
  • Profit Share: Trader receives 80% to 90% of profits.
  • Payout Cycle: Profits paid out every 5 days.

9. Trading Restrictions:

  • Copy Trading: Not allowed.
  • Hedging: Not allowed.
  • Weekend Positions: Allowed.

10. Evaluation and Funding:

  • Traders meeting the profit targets can transition to a funded account.
  • Funded account balance options: $10k, $25k, $50k, $100k, $200k.
  • Trader’s chosen payout percentage determines the funded account size.

11. Funded Account Rules:

  • Trading Conditions: Leverage remains 1:100, trading hours are 24/7.
  • Ongoing Risk Management: Max Drawdown (8%) and Daily Drawdown (5%) apply.
  • Profits shared as per the agreed profit share percentage.

12. Account Termination:

  • Account may be terminated for rule violations or improper conduct.
  • Serious breaches of risk management guidelines may lead to termination.

13. Communication:

  • All account updates, evaluations, and payouts will be communicated via registered contact information.

14. Risk Disclosure:

  • Traders are informed of the risks involved in forex trading and potential losses.
  • Platform is not liable for any trading losses.

15. Modifications:

  • Platform reserves the right to modify rules, evaluation criteria, and terms.

16. Legal Jurisdiction:

  • Disputes are subject to jurisdiction specified in platform’s terms and conditions.

These rules create a structured framework for an FX Expert Funded Challenge Account, while accounting for risk management, profit targets, trading conditions, and the transition to a funded account. Always ensure that the rules align with the platform’s goals and policies.

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