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ABC News: Presidential candidate Trump will announce his VP candidate by next Monday

In political news, ABC news is reporting that presidential candidate Donald Trump will announces VP candidate by next Monday.

Meanwhile, the Dems are in disarray as some call for Pres. Biden to withdrawal from his run for President, while he continues to push forward. It was announced earlier that Biden is to deliver remarks and answer questions from supporters in a campaign-finance call.

After watching parts of the interview with Stephanopolis….it was like Melba Toast – not all that exciting. When an interview is focused on “How do you feel?” or “Was debate day just a bad day?”, it is not the kinda thing you would expect in an interview for a new CEO, let alone a Presidential candidate.

In all fairness, if there was a Trump interview, it would be on his own troubles, or lies.

Advantage Trump, however, as the negative focus is on Biden. .

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at www.forexlive.com.

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