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BOJ shares briefing material on meeting with bond market participants

Ahead of the meeting, the BOJ already collected some opinions from bond market players as noted here. So, this is mainly to share that as a starting point for discussions today and tomorrow. Here are some things to note.

On the size of reduction of bond purchases, the BOJ questioned whether purchases should be reduced to zero, or to ¥2-3 trillion per month, or continue at about ¥4 trillion per month. Some of the responses were that:

Comparing with overseas central banks, a reduction of ¥2-3 trillion is desiredBond purchases should ultimately serve as a monetary adjustment tool, indicating a zero purchase amount is crucialA gradual reduction aiming for ¥1-2 trillion would be idealConsidering the principles of IRRBB, a reduction of ¥4 trillion should be appropriate keeping in mind the limited flexibility in domestic bond operationsBOJ should aim for a reduction to about ¥5 trillion and if the situation with the bond market stabilises, then additional reductions should be considered

As for the pace of reduction in purchases, the BOJ questioned whether the tapering process should be a quick one, or fast-paced initially before moving to a more gradual pace, or just a gradual move over a period of about two years. Some of the responses were that:

Gradual reduction of bond purchases are unnecessary given current monetary situationAfter an initial signification reduction is announced at first, then BOJ should move to a more gradual and cautious pace of reductions in order to restrain the formation of negative perceptions of monetary policyA gradual reduction is less impactful and will help to avoid any unwanted market disruptionTo avoid any unnecessary volatility in the market, it is prudent to implement reductions gradually over two years

The full piece can be found here.

This article was written by Justin Low at www.forexlive.com.

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