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GBP traders – heads up for UK election exit poll at the top of the hour

I say ‘near certain’ to be conservative, but to find another election that’s so clear cut as this you’d have to head to Russia or China and the ilk.

Anyway, the exit poll is are due, from the BBC, Sky, and ITV, at 10pm London time, which is 5pm US Eastern time (and 2100 GMT for completeness).

Its difficult to see any substantial impact on UK markets, GBP for instance. The result has been expected, like I say, ever since the start. Stay tuned.

Incumbent PM Sunak has been trying to work from well behind all the way through. He played the cards he was dealt so shout out to him. He won’t be bitching and whining for the next four years that it was ‘stolen’.

Incoming PM is Keir Starmer and we wish him well.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at www.forexlive.com.

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