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Markets shift. NASDAQ now neagative. The Dow is higher.

The US stock market is shifting. Whereas the Dow Industrial Average average has been lower for most the day has now turned positive. The NASDAQ index which has been higher most the day has given up the gains and has moved into negative territory (it trades above and below unchanged).

The snapshot of the market currently shows:

Dow Industrial Average average up 81.81 points or 0.21%S&P index up 8.83 points or 0.16% NASDAQ index up 5.9 points or 0.03%

At session lows, the Dow was down -198.20 points. In contrast, the NASDAQ index was up 108.15 points (it moved to a low of -11.88 points on the recent fall).

It seems to be just a shifting. The NASDAQ index has closed at new record for four consecutive days. Meanwhile the Dow 30 stocks close that it record high level of 40,003.60 back on May 17. It has been lagging as the S&P and Nasdaq extended to new record highs.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at www.forexlive.com.

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