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Powell, Fedspeak and a 10-year auction top the economic calendar today

Did you enjoy the first two hours of Powell’s testimony? How about another two? Only this time with the crazies in the House. Tune in at 10 am ET for all the fun but don’t expect much in the way of market-moving information. Powell stayed tightly on script yesterday and I wouldn’t expect a departure today.

Powell isn’t the only central banker speaking today as we get Goolsbee and Bowman at 2:30 pm ET. However that event is a ‘Fed Listens’ event, which is what it sounds like — more listening than talking.

The Bank of England will be a focus with chief economist Hew Pill at 9:30 am ET and MPC hawk Mann at 11:30 am ET. I’ll be watching to see if the latter tones down her hawkishness.

In terms of data, we get wholesale sales/inventories at 10 am ET but that’s not likely to move markets. Instead, the results of the 10-year auction at 1 pm ET will be notable.

This article was written by Adam Button at www.forexlive.com.

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