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What are the main events for today?

If yesterday was a boring day on the data front, today it’s even worse. There’s nothing scehduled for today. We will hear from some central bank speakers and we will get another session of Fed Chair Powell although, as it’s usually the case, he won’t add anything new that he hasn’t already said yesterday.

Central bank speakers:

08:00 GMT – ECB’s Nagel (hawk – non voter in July)13:30 GMT/09:30 ET – BoE’s Pill (neutral – voter)14:00 GMT/10:00 ET – Fed Chair Powell (neutral – voter)14:00 GMT/10:00 ET – ECB’s Nagel (hawk – non voter in July)15:30 GMT/11:30 ET – BoE’s Mann (hawk – voter)18:30 GMT/14:30 ET – Fed’s Bowman (hawk – voter)18:30 GMT/14:30 ET – Fed’s Goolsbee (dove – voter)

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