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Biden survived the weekend but the story is far from over

For many in the Democratic party, the July 4th long weekend would have been an opportune moment for President Biden to announce that he was no longer seeking re-election. Instead, he doubled down and survived an unremarkable sit-down interview with ABC.

A total of 5 congressional Democrats are now publicly calling for Biden to withdraw but several more met on Sunday and there is likely more to come as Congress returns to Washington this week.

Biden is also hosting a NATO summit from July 9-11, which will give him many opportunities to speak live. I think it’s worth watching any potential live and unscripted events to get a sense of how he performs. One more fumble and the pressure will ratchet up even higher.

Polls are also worth watching. He’s steadied and rebounded in some, which is helping his cause.

This article was written by Adam Button at www.forexlive.com.

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