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Japan’s Q2 Business Survey Index (BSI): Large Manufacturing -1.0% (prior -6.7%)

This doesn’t tend to move USD/JPY upon release, but it does give a snapshot of Japanese business conditions.

The Bank of Japan meeting concludes tomorrow. Earlier I outlined reasons for and against further tightening:

The BoJ meet today and tomorrow – ‘reduction of bond buys’ chatter reignited on Wednesday

While the results of this are quite mixed, my one-word summary of implications for tightening would be ‘against’. But, of course, this is only one minor input to the Bank’s decision-making (the report, not my summary).

Its from the Ministry of Finance, link here for the full thing.


The Business Outlook Survey has been conducted jointly by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Finance starting from the April-June quarter of 2004.

The survey targets corporations with capital of 10 million yen or more and aims to obtain basic data concerning the current status and forecasts of the Japanese economy. The survey is conducted four times a year through Local Finance (Branch) Bureaus and Offices, and the results are published in early or mid-June, September, December and March.

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