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UK exit poll tips a solid win to Labour, 410 seats – new UK government incoming

GBP is little changed.


Joint exit poll from BBC, ITV and Sky News show a huge landslide to the Labour Party.

Labour to win 410 seats, the most by any party since 2001Conservatives routed with 131 seats, the fewest since the party was founded in 1834

The others:

Liberal Democrats on 61Reform UK on 13SNP 10Greens 2

Again, this is the exit poll, so don’t set those numbers above in stone just yet. We’ll get actual results in the hours ahead.

While the psephologists, and social media eggspurts, will bombard us with minutia in the hours and days ahead the bottom line is a landslide win for the Labour Party, they have a vast majority in parliament to work with.

Leading up to today I posted Goldman Sachs’ outlook implications:

Goldman Sachs assess the UK economic outlook under the incoming Labour government

Sir Keir Starmer on course to enter Downing Street as Britain’s 58th prime minister.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at www.forexlive.com.

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