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It’s going to be a big week for markets

In terms of central bank decisions, there is the Fed and BOJ to work through. And right before the former, there is the US CPI report for markets to scrutinise. After, there is the PPI data and weekly jobless claims. That aside, we also have the UK and Australian labour market reports on the agenda.

You can check out the rough schedule here. Then, therere is also the added side elements of a long-end Treasury auction on Thursday as well as the happenings in European politics.

The mix of everything has the potential to make for a blockbuster week in markets.

So, strap yourselves in. Hopefully it will be a fun ride when we come out of the tunnel on Friday.

But for today, it is going to be a rather quiet one with little on the agenda overall. The only notable release is the Eurozone Sentix investor sentiment at 0830 GMT. That won’t do much to get markets to come alive just yet. And in the case of the euro, the development over the weekend here is the bigger driver to start the new week.

This article was written by Justin Low at www.forexlive.com.

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